Radiant Polpette of Angry Meat with Soothing Hedgerow Weeds (recipe)

Carl Rowe 2017


A Mythraic Banquet for Future Radiance

Carl Rowe 2016

IMPACT 9 Diary

An account of travelling to China with the East/West portfolio for IMPACT 9 International Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking Conference 2015


Carl Rowe 2015


Carl Rowe 2014


IMPACT 8: Borders and Crossings: The Artist as Explorer
International Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking Conference 2013

A Banquet for Ultra Bankruptcy

A Banquet for Ultra Bankruptcy menu

Essay and text written to accompany the performance and installation at the Arts Laboratory Berlin March 2013 http://www.artlaboratory-berlin.org/


8 Ways to Cook the Books: Art Politics and Food

Paper written for Impact 7 International Printmaking Conference September 2011 http://impact7.org.au/


The Wall: Substrate and Substance

Paper written for Impact 6 International Printmaking Conference September 2009 http://www.impact.uwe.ac.uk/

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