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Carl Rowe 2019

Animal to Animal

Foreword to the Fine Art Degree Show Publication NUA 2019

Carl Rowe 2019

Radiant Polpette of Angry Meat with Soothing Hedgerow Weeds (recipe)

Carl Rowe 2017


A Mythraic Banquet for Future Radiance

Carl Rowe 2016

IMPACT 9 Diary

An account of travelling to China with the East/West portfolio for IMPACT 9 International Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking Conference 2015


Carl Rowe 2015


Carl Rowe 2014


IMPACT 8: Borders and Crossings: The Artist as Explorer
International Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking Conference 2013

A Banquet for Ultra Bankruptcy

A Banquet for Ultra Bankruptcy menu

Essay and text written to accompany the performance and installation at the Arts Laboratory Berlin March 2013


8 Ways to Cook the Books: Art Politics and Food

Paper written for Impact 7 International Printmaking Conference September 2011


The Wall: Substrate and Substance

Paper written for Impact 6 International Printmaking Conference September 2009

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